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About Blogger SEO

This blog is about search engine optimization for blogs that are hosted on Blogger's platform.

Blogger is a Google platform for blogging and it is free of charge.

Blogger blogs can be with free subdomains that are , but also, can be mapped with the custom domain names.

Blogger is one of the most used CMSs for blogging and and also it is one of the best for sure.

There are a lot of people who do not believe that blogger can be good, but that is because the most of these bloggers are used to the other blogging platforms and do not know almost anything about Blogger blogs.

Blogger can be optimized and become SEO friendly, there are available online beatiful free and premium Blogger templates.

I am going to be focused and write on this blog only about SEO for Blogger, I am going to share a lot of tips and tutorials on how to make your Blogspot blog an SEO Powerhouse.

I am Burim Bekteshi, an SEO Consultant, I mostly use Blogger for my own blogs and websites and that's why I am going to share with you my Blogger SEO secrets.









To get actionable blogger optimization tips and techniques:

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